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Highest quality pipe lining system in the world

Drain Fix specialises in trenchless pipe repairs. Our system allows for the lining of sewer and storm water junctions. The integrity of the drain is ensured as there are no joins or gaps in the lining.

The Drainage Renewal System provides you with a permanent solution to the costly and disruptive alternative of excavating and replacing sewer and storm water drains.

It is the highest quality pipe lining system in use anywhere in the world. The materials & equipment are all designed and engineered in Germany where they have obtained approval for use by the German Institute for Building Technique. They are approved for use according to ISO11296.4 CIPP products.

The advanced structural liner and epoxy resin ensure no bubbling or shrinkage of the lining will occur over time. The system has a design life of 40-50 years.

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