High pressure jet cleaning 2018-02-02T02:20:24+00:00

Removes most common blockages

Our high pressure water jet can remove most common blockages to drains, including toilet paper, tree roots, soil and small building debris.

Jets are inserted into your drain pipes and use highly pressurised water that is discharged through a flexible cable and nozzle system. The stream of water is able to quickly and easily slice through tree roots and other solid materials. As there are no blades or cutters of any kind to get stuck, the hydro jetter drain cleaner is able to effectively and efficiently demolish and clean any and all greasy and sludgy build-ups that other equipment can’t.

If a blockage can not be removed by the high pressure jet, our experienced staff will discuss the cause and provide advice on solutions to rectify the issue. A free, no obligation quote will be provided on request.  see more on Sewer and Storm water Blockages