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Sewer and Storm water Blockages

Drain Fix specialises in solving sewer and storm water blockages and emergency repairs.

Sewer and storm water drains can become blocked at any time, even in new homes.

Blocked sewer drains are a major inconvenience and can cause a stinky mess inside or in your backyard. In some cases homeowners are unable to use toilets, showers or washing machines due to the risk of overflow and contamination.

Blocked storm water drains are often identified when large volumes of rain fall in a short period of time leading to pooling of water and even flooding.

Our high pressure water jet can remove most common blockages to drains, including toilet paper, tree roots, soil and small building debris.

We use CCTV technology to check the drains have been cleared successfully and to ensure the drains are intact.

If the drain is found to be damaged or the blockage is not able to be cleared we will provide a report and a free, no obligation quotation for rectification or reinstatement.

Contact us to book an appointment to have drains cleared or to arrange a free, no obligation quotation for repair or relining.